About Me

As the tenth of eleven children, I always found it easy to blend in with a crowd, and rather difficult to try to stand out. That is, until I discovered my passions: music, art, and literature. Expressing myself was always most effective through these mediums, and I have found great success and happiness in them.

With a desire to play and share music, I have learned to play several instruments, including the piano, flute, piccolo, voice, and am currently developing the skills necessary to master the ukulele.

I was never the greatest artist while growing up, but I found a love for design and pairing colors with patterns to make something amazing. Though I have a rather small personal portfolio, I enjoy drawing and designing things for myself, pulling images from my imagination and transforming them into a physical reality.

One can never find me without a book in my hands or within an arm’s reach. From a young age, I developed a sense of wonder about the vast real and imaginary possibilities around me. I craved the ability to transport myself to different eras and worlds, and was most comfortable when curled up in a fuzzy blanket with my nose plastered to the inky pages of whichever novel I was then embarking into the unknown with.

This love of expressing my uncontrollable imagination through words, design, and music has led me to the career path I am currently preparing for. As an avid reader and a lover of new ideas, I am gaining the skills necessary to become an editor and publisher. I want to be able to spread new and unique ideas and stories to the world, and I have a great passion for opening the minds of others to the creative, colorful things in life.