Social Media Platforms

Social media is such a mainstream essential in our lives today; much of our free time is spent online swiping through feeds of pictures and videos posted by our friends. There are so many different ways to view and post updates on many different sites. 

These different sites, or “apps” as they are called in their mobile versions, are also referred to as Platforms, which serve to coordinate these interpersonal interactions in unique ways designed to have distinctive and different experiences for the users. 

Some platforms allow you to post videos, photos, or even simply textual updates, while others allow for only one of the main mediums. 

For example, the relatively new platform TikTok offers the unique opportunity to post pre-recorded videos with original or preexisting audio, often pulled from films or television shows; users can even take videos already posted by other users and record a “duet,” allowing their new video to be joined to the existing one, as though they had filmed together. Many trends have come from this platform, and lots of undiscovered songs and shows have gained fame and popularity solely from this source. Users can also comment on existing videos, use the icons on the side to like, share, or save a video, and even follow certain users to get more of their content to come up in their feed. 

TikTok has become so popular among teens and young adults that compilation videos of the most popular or “liked” content are shared widely on other platforms like FaceBook, YouTube, and InstaGram, which only garners more curiosity and interest in the video-based platform. It’s hard to have even a single day go by where one doesn’t encounter and enjoy the content produced on this platform. 

So many different kinds of platforms can seem excessive, but if each are unique and specialized, any user could find a way they personally like best to communicate with others and creatively express themselves. 

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